funeral flowers

Funeral Gifts Instead of Flowers

One of the questions you might have when trying to comfort someone who has lost a loved one is what funeral gifts instead of flowers can I send or give that will help them feel better? The impulse to send flowers is a good one, and it’s one we all…...

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8 Comforting Sympathy Gift Ideas

When someone close to you loses a loved one, it can be difficult to find the right words to express your support. Sympathy gift baskets, flowers, favors, and handwritten notes can all provide a sense of comfort and relief during a difficult time in someone’s life. You may not be able…...

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How to Plan Safe Funerals During COVID-19

This year, families around the world have learned the unique challenges of planning funerals during COVID-19. Funerals have historically been large gatherings where people hug and sing and often share a meal, but 2020 has changed the way we plan and attend funerals. In the midst of coronavirus, some funeral…...

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