Brookhaven Is Our Home: Why We Value Community October 12, 2022

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When we say that we are community-based, we mean it.

Bateman-Allen Funeral Home was founded in 1950 in Parkside, Pennsylvania. In 1960, it was relocated to Brookhaven.

We are a family business, started by Edward E. Bateman. Most people knew Edward as Ned, though. And Ned’s son, Lee, became a licensed funeral director in 1975 and joined the family business as an associate. Lee became the owner and supervisor in 1982.

In 2005, Lee’s daughter Eve joined her father working in the business. She became a licensed funeral director in 2011. This makes three generations of Batemans: three generations of homes in the community. Three generations of kids at schools in the community. Three generations of shopping the same grocery stores as our clients, of going to the same community events, of caring deeply about  Brookhaven and the people who build lives here.

In 2020, Charles Allen (Chaz) joined the Bateman-Allen Funeral Home Team. Chaz has been a licensed funeral director since 2010. More importantly, he has deep roots in our community. He was born and raised in the Penn-Delco community.

Now Bateman-Allen Funeral Home is run by Eve and Chaz, both of whom are fiercely committed to the community and the families who live here.

Brookhaven, Brookhaven events, Brookhaven fall events, Brookhaven winter events, Bateman-Allen Funeral Home, funeral home Pennsylvania

Times Change; So Has Brookhaven

The world is different now than it was in 1950. But that doesn’t mean that the values our business was built on have changed. In fact, those values have grown stronger. We believe in treating everyone fairly and with kindness. We believe in honesty. Even though our job is to help people at one of the most trying and stressful times of their lives, we believe in treating everyone with dignity and candor. We will not sugar coat difficult news, but we will deliver it with empathy and understanding.

We’ve seen how customs have changed over the years. There was no such thing as social media in 1950, no such thing as an online obituary or a virtual memorial service. Now we see families use technology to disseminate news quickly and across continents. We see people Zoom into memorial services if they can’t travel or attend in person.

We’ve seen every size of service. We’ve seen quiet, contemplative gatherings and raucous, dramatic events. We’ve learned to be adaptable and to overcome obstacles.

We’ve seen families get busier and busier. We’ve seen families grow with marriages and babies and graduations and weddings. It’s our greatest privilege to be involved in those celebrations for so many in the community, and a reminder to us that what we do isn’t just a job. It’s also a way that we connect with people, and it’s how we give back to a community we love. What hasn’t changed is that we are completely committed to managing every detail for our clients. We are compassionate and engaged, easy to talk with and attentive listeners. We pride ourselves on being a steady, comforting resource when you need one most.

We Are Active In the Brookhaven Community

If you’re out and about in Brookhaven, chances are you’ve seen us. Chaz has served on the Recreation Board and the Better Brookhaven Project. He attends Council meetings. He loves Brookhaven Family Day!

We love community events because they reinforce that we’re all part of something bigger. When we’re all together in the community, we get to know one another. We better understand what matters to each of us. And we meet each other’s families and celebrate each other’s successes.

If you’re out and about, we hope to see you at some of these Brookhaven events! If you’re not, but you’d like more information, feel free to reach out at any time or check out the Brookhaven Boro website.

Are there events that you’re excited about? We’d love to hear about them! Shoot us an email, give us a call at (610) 876-5237, or find us on Facebook!