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How Funeral Pre-Planning Can Alleviate Stress

Funeral pre-planning can alleviate the stress that occurs when a loved one passes. There are many reasons why the death of a loved one is consistently listed as one of life’s five most stressful experiences. There are emotional reasons, of course: losing a loved one changes our lives as we…...

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Are Pre-Paid Funeral Plans Worth It?

If you’re like many people, making pre-paid funeral plans isn’t high on your everyday to-do list. That’s understandable. It’s hard to think about end of life issues. Some might find it sad or morbid to plan for a funeral, especially when there’s no immediate reason to think about death. But…...

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Future Interment Master Trust Explained

Losing a loved one is painful as it is. The cost of a funeral can be an unexpected burden. A future interment master trust is a great way to financially prepare for a funeral and alleviate that burden on loved ones. It allows you to prepay for the costs and…...

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What is a pre-paid funeral plan? The 4 Essential Steps

Discussing your own funeral can be an uncomfortable process for some, but taking the initiative for a pre-paid funeral plan can make things easier for your loved ones in the future. A pre-paid funeral plan lays out specific instructions for funeral arrangements and often pays for the cost of the…...

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