Why Having a Funeral is Important

During times of grief it might be natural to wonder why a funeral is important. A funeral can be an integral part of the grieving process and memorializing a loved one’s life is a practice that spans cultures, regions, and beliefs. Most often, this is done with some kind of…...

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What is a pre-paid funeral plan? The 4 Essential Steps

Discussing your own funeral can be an uncomfortable process for some, but taking the initiative for a pre-paid funeral plan can make things easier for your loved ones in the future. A pre-paid funeral plan lays out specific instructions for funeral arrangements and often pays for the cost of the…...

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Can Funeral Costs Be Paid from the Estate?

When grieving the loss of a loved one, the thought of planning a funeral and paying for the costs can be overwhelming. If the deceased did not have a pre-paid funeral plan, you may be wondering if the estate pays funeral costs. There are many laws that govern how money…...

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5 Ways Technology Is Improving The Traditional Funeral Service

Funeral service technology has come a long way. From online obituaries and memorial slideshows to live streams, the merging of the technology and funeral industries is helping people grieve in a new and different way. Technological advancements have also made funeral planning not only more accessible but also more flexible,…...

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How to Honor a Deceased Loved One at Christmas—Or Any Other Holiday

The holidays are usually a time to gather in celebration and merriment with your closest friends and family, but after losing a loved one, the holiday season can start to feel unmanageable. Especially if it’s your first Christmas without a loved one, it might feel strange to celebrate without them.…...

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How to Plan Safe Funerals During COVID-19

This year, families around the world have learned the unique challenges of planning funerals during COVID-19. Funerals have historically been large gatherings where people hug and sing and often share a meal, but 2020 has changed the way we plan and attend funerals. In the midst of coronavirus, some funeral…...

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