funeral pre-planning

How Funeral Pre-Planning Can Alleviate Stress

Funeral pre-planning can alleviate the stress that occurs when a loved one passes. There are many reasons why the death of a loved one is consistently listed as one of life’s five most stressful experiences. There are emotional reasons, of course: losing a loved one changes our lives as we…...

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Are Pre-Paid Funeral Plans Worth It?

If you’re like many people, making pre-paid funeral plans isn’t high on your everyday to-do list. That’s understandable. It’s hard to think about end of life issues. Some might find it sad or morbid to plan for a funeral, especially when there’s no immediate reason to think about death. But…...

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5 Things You Must Know About Pre-Planning Your Funeral

If the idea of funeral pre-planning makes you uncomfortable, you’re not alone. Contemplating one’s own end of life is fraught with emotions. Many people fear death and will avoid thinking about it or discussing it with loved ones. But when it comes to thinking about the type of funeral or…...

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Future Interment Master Trust Explained

Losing a loved one is painful as it is. The cost of a funeral can be an unexpected burden. A future interment master trust is a great way to financially prepare for a funeral and alleviate that burden on loved ones. It allows you to prepay for the costs and…...

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What is a Living Funeral? And 7 Steps to Planning One

A living funeral—also sometimes called a celebration of life, a living wake, or a pre-death funeral party—is a ceremony held before a person dies. Living funerals are a popular option for several reasons. Some may want more freedom to choose the type of celebration they want, while others may want…...

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