coping with grief

Grieving: Mourning and Remembering

Grieving is a word that encompasses the feelings someone feels when they experience a painful loss. We use it when a loved one dies or when a relationship ends. Grief is how we describe the interiority of loss.  But there are myriad emotions in grief. We might feel bereft, lonely,…...

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How to Ask for Help When Grieving

Knowing how to ask for help when grieving is, for many of us, a challenge. Even if we’ve lost loved ones in the past, every experience with grief is different. Grief can change depending on your age, your relationship to the deceased, your socio-economic status, and so many other factors.…...

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What To Say When Someone’s Parent Dies

Knowing what to say when someone’s parent dies can seem impossible. The death of a parent is a loss that is unparalleled no matter how old you are when it happens. Losing a parent when you are a child can lead to increased economic hardship, depression, and other issues. Losing…...

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5 Things To Not Say to a Grieving Person

If you’ve ever wondered what you should or what you should not say to a grieving person, you’re not alone. Sometimes our best intentions go awry, meaning that we mean to comfort or console someone who is grieving, but instead we say something that makes them feel worse. Things to…...

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5 Things to Say to a Grieving Person

Knowing what to say to a grieving person can be difficult because facing the death of a loved one is often the most traumatic, emotional experience a person can endure. It’s a time filled with both very real and difficult tasks (such as planning a meaningful funeral or deciding between…...

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Helping Teens Deal With Grief

Grief is a difficult emotion to face, and everyone expresses it differently. Helping teens deal with grief can be especially difficult, as teens and young adults often do not yet have the experiences or coping skills of an adult. If you are a parent or caregiver, it can be helpful…...

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